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    Suggested Readings

    Listed in our guide below are recommended books and articles that will help you learn more about a variety of topics related to beekeeping, bees, honey and other aspects of the culture.

    Click the links to view the individual articles. Most are in PDF format so you will need a reader to view them.

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    Books & Publications


    Cooking with Honey by Hazel Berto, 1972, Gramercy

    Honey: BeesOnline Recipe Book by Maureen Maxwell, 2003, BeesOnline


    Orchid Bees of Tropical America: Biology and Field Guide by David Roubik and Paul E. Hansen, 2004, InBio

    The World of Bees by Murray Hoyt, 1965, Bonanza Books

    The Buzz About Bees: Biology of a Superorganism by Jurgen Tautz, 2007, Springer

    Bees of the World by Christopher O’Toole and Anthony Raw, 1991, Facts On FIle

    Beginning Beekeeping

    Beekeeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston, 2002, Hungry Minds

    First Lessons in Beekeeping by C.P. Dadant, 1938, Dadant and Sons

    The Beekeeper’s Handbook by Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile, 2011, Collier Books

    The Classroom: Beekeeping Questions and Answers by Jerry Hayes, 1998, Dadant and Sons

    Intermediate Beekeeping

    At the Hive Entrance by H. Storch, 1985, European Apicultural Editions

    Advanced Beekeeping

    The Biology of the Honey Bee by Mark L. Winston, 1987, Harvard University Press

    Hive Products

    Honey Plants by Harvey Lovell, 1977, Gleaning in Bee Culture

    CANDLES THAT EARN: Creating and Operating Your Own Successful Candle Business by Don Olsen, 1991, Peanut Butter Publishing

    Propolis: Nature’s Energizer by Carlson Wade, 1983, Keats Publishing

    The Royal Jelly Miracle by Reynaud Allen, John B. Lust, 1991, Benedict Lust Publications

    Health and the Honey Bee by Charles Mraz, 1995, Queen City Publications


    Bee Culture -

    American Bee Journal -


    How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey by Walter T. Kelly, 1978, The Walter T. Kelly Company

    How Butterbees Came to Bee! by Lana Grimm and Tania Bloch, illustrated by David Michener, 2001, Bee Unlimited Creations

    Helpful Articles

    Colony Collapse Disorder

    CCD Summary:

    CCD Long Report:

    CCD PFT Report:

    Standard Hive Plans

    WBC 10-Frame Plan:

    Langstroth Hive Plan:

    Honey Articles

    Honey Standards

    Comb Honey

    Heavy Metals in Honey

    Honey as Wound Dressing

    Honey Grades

    Honey Info

    Honey Market Trends - Feb 2005

    Honey Uses

    Maximizing Honey Production

    Floral Source Guide

    USDA Standards for Cone Honey


    Beeswax 1

    Beeswax 2


    Determining Propolis Quality

    Heavy Metals in Honey and Propolis

    Propolis Shown to Kill HIV

    Plants (Honey or Pollen)

    Desert Plants of Utah

    NHB Floral Source

    Chemical Poisoning

    USU Reduction of Honey Bee Poisoning

    Reducing Bee Poisoning

    Observation Hives

    3 Frame Plan

    8 Frame Plan

    General Beekeeping

    10 Commandments of Beekeeping

    2005 UDAF Report

    Apiary Setup

    Beekeeping for Extension Agents

    Beekeeping in Tennessee

    Preparing for Winter

    Products from the Hive

    Spring Start-Up

    Value of Honey Bees as Pollinators

    Diseases, Pests and Parasites

    AFB in the UK

    Bee Loss and Remedies

    Apiary Setup

    Essential Oil Control of Varrora

    Managing Varrora in the UK

    Varrora Mites

    Africanized Honey Bees

    AHB in Saguaro Park

    Honey Bee Types

    Bee Types

    A Comparison of Russian and Italian Honey Bees[Bees].pdf

    Swarm Information

    Facts About Swarms

    If Your Bees Swarm

    Swarm Prevention


    Venom Detection Paper


    Fat Bee Skinny Bee